"Erik has a very deep understanding of product innovation and development, based on years of in-depth customer research, and corresponding time translating user needs to very diverse engineering disciplines (electrical, mechanical, software).   Uniquely, he can combine this experience with focused product marketing, and most importantly, front-line sales skills.  It is rare to see someone with this depth of experience across these three functions.  He knows what it takes to deliver, and can rally a team to accomplish great things, in a complex global environment."  – Global Marketing Director

"Erik has a very sharp business mind capable of seeing business challenges very holistically. He has the experience and unique ability to recognize organizational issues and to devise effective strategies to overcome those issues. Most importantly, he gets results. Erik is outstanding at driving from diagnosis, to strategies, to tactics, and to execution over a very short period."  – Director of Sales and Service

"As a manager of R&D I depend on clear and concise specifications to develop new products that will be accepted in the marketplace by addressing real customer needs. More often than not, I have found these specifications to be based on assumptions and anecdotal evidence.  Erik was able to cut through all that to provide a specification based on actual field data that addressed significant customer pain points while remaining technically feasible to develop and within our budget. Erik kept us focused and just nailed it."  – R&D Program Manager

"Erik has the rare talent to easily translate complex technical specifications into simple value propositions for customers.  He relentlessly drills down to basic customer needs and aligns messaging and content to meet those needs.  In a business world overrun with buzzwords and meaningless marketing fluff, Erik effectively delivers targeted content marketing pieces that build trust and expertise as well as add value to a customer's daily job role.  Working with Erik as the bridge between engineering and marketing communications was always smooth as he produces the rare skill set of being as comfortable working out technical issues as he is developing messaging and commercialization plans." – Marketing Communications Manager

"Erik approaches projects from a holistic standpoint and is able to look through multiple lenses when addressing a situation.   One specific project comes to mind where we had gathered market research from customers, input from the sales team, and feedback from the R&D team.   Erik had an uncanny way of linking what the customer desired with the sales team input into a concise vision that provided R&D understandable personas and workflows so they could design a product that truly met the customer’s needs.  Erik is able to unify teams with his solid knowledge of how the different departments work (Sales, Marketing, R&D and Product Development) and he guides them to work together more efficiently and cohesively."   Market Research Manager